Cheaper Tempurpedic Alternatives

One thing that I learned a long time ago, it is that you do not need to get a Tempurpedic mattress if you are looking for a good memory foam bed. Tempurpedic is a name brand and uses that name brand to charge a premium.

You can actually get a similar quality memory foam mattress for half the price if you go to the right places.  Most American made memory foam mattresses are comparable, and a fraction of the price.

Why is Tempurpedic more expensive?

Tempurpedic was the first company to come out with memory foam mattresses.  They took the technology that was developed by NASA and made a bed out of it.  At the time the mattresses originally came out, they were able to charge a lot of money as they were the only ones in the industry.

As time went on, competitors showed up.  Tempurpedic did have to drop prices a bit to compete, but they kept their prices up higher because they were the name brand.  It is like buying Nike shoes over another pair of more comfortable sneakers just because it has the “swoosh” on it.

What to look for in your Tempurpedic alternative

I feel that shopping for a mattress online is a great option.  This applies to buying a mattress online and buying one in a store.

If you buy a mattress online, make sure there is free shipping (both ways).  This way you can return the mattress without a major problem.  It can be expensive for a normal person without a frieght shipping account to ship a mattress anywhere.

Regardless of where you buy the mattress, you have to be sure you are getting at least a 30 day sleep trial.  You never know how well you will sleep on a bed from just laying on it in a store for a few minutes, or even for a week at your home.  It takes a couple weeks to adjust to a new mattress, even if its the best mattress ever.

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