Twin Bed Mattresses

There are eight different standard sized mattresses that you can buy online or in a mattress store.  There are 2 variations of a twin size, 2 full sizes, a queen, a California king and 2 other variations of the King size.

The twin bed mattresses are the smallest of all standard mattress sizes.  The smaller sizes are really meant for small children and babies.  The smaller sizes are crib mattresses and the European small single and European extra small single.

Twin Bed Mattress Size

American mattress sizes - Source WikipediaTwin sizes are generally only used in the United States and Canada.  There are different names for mattresses of a similar size outside of North America known as “single”, which come in several sizes.

A twin sized mattress is the smallest sizes made for standard bed frames.  They are just as long as full size mattresses, but not quite as wide.  The Twin XL is longer than the full, but just as wide as a twin.  This is generally for people who outgrow a twin but don’t share or need a lot of extra space in their bed.

Twin and Single Mattress sizing:

  • Twin - 39 in × 75 in (99 cm × 191 cm)
  • Twin XL - 54 in × 75 in (137 cm × 191 cm)
  • Super Single - 48 in × 84 in (122 cm × 213 cm)
  • Small Single - 30″ by 72″ (about 75 cm × 180 cm)
  • Standard single – 36″ × 75″, also sold as 90 cm × 190 cm

Twin Size Mattress Name Origin

Twin size is an interesting phrase to name a mattress.  Full makes sense.  King and queen have their obvious meanings in terms of levels.

Twin sizes are actually named because they used to primarily be sold in pairs.  Married couples used to be a bit more traditional, sleeping in separate beds instead of sharing a large one.  The beds were sold as a pair, or a twin set.

Twin Beds Mattresses

This is the most commonly bought bed size for a child’s first bed. It fits great in a smaller room that a child would occupy  it is cost efficient and it will take years before they need to upgrade to a larger size bed.

mattress_doubledOther uses for twin size beds would be guest bedrooms and doubling up.  Since these are such cheap mattresses, it is easier to put them into a guest room and not think twice about it.  Another use would be to put the mattresses together side by side.

If you were to take 2 twin XL mattresses and lay them side by side, you would have a king size mattress.  Some couples will decide this is a great option when the husband and wife each prefer a different hardness or firmness of the mattress. They can each have their own softness or firmness on their own size while technically sharing a bed together.



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