Luxury Mattresses

You will spend at least one third of your life in bed.  On average, we spend about 217,000 hours sleeping and 9,100 hours sitting in a car.  Why is it that we will spend over $50,000 on a luxury vehicle and try to spend less than $1,000 on a mattress when we are in bed 24 times longer than we are in a car for?

Luxury mattresses are created for several reasons.  They are for show on occasion, health reasons and better sleep, but most often for the supreme comfort.

What Makes a Mattress a Luxury Mattress?

There are different levels of what makes a luxury mattress.  Lower end luxury mattresses are simply memory foam or latex mattresses.  These are premium beds compared to the vast majority of old fashioned inner spring/coil mattresses.

As you move up the luxury ladder, you will find some unique properties of these beds.  Some of them are green mattresses made completely organic.  Some incorporate massagers into the mattress itself.  Sometimes it is the actual upholstery that makes a mattress luxurious as certain materials like bamboo fibers do.

Luxury Mattress Companies

Again, depending on the level of luxury you are looking at, there are different levels that companies go into. Tempurpedic is probably the most popular luxury mattress company that sells memory foam mattresses only.  Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Kluft and Select Foam carry luxury mattresses as well, usually for a better deal than Tempurpedic.  But, the pinacle of all luxury mattresses would have to be a company called Hastens.

Luxury Mattress Pricing

You can get a regular mattress for under $200 if you go to a Walmart or Ikea.  If you want a luxury mattress, expect to pay at least $2,000 for the entry level variety.  These will be memory foam or latex mattresses with a good firmness and soft material for the upholstery.  The prices will go up from there when you get into serious luxury mattresses.

Most Expensive Mattress

Hastens makes the most expensive mattress.  It is nearly impossible to explain the comfort of this bed. To really understand its price tag, you have to lay down in it yourself.  Hastens is a Swedish company, and something Swedes are known for is their craftsmanship when it comes to handmade products.  Hastens mattresses are all handmade and personalized.  Their most expensive mattress is the Hästens Vividus, which costs a whopping $60,000.


Life Summed Up

The Money’s in the Mattress

Hästens Vividus: World’s Most Expensive Mattress

Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Sometimes, we cannot control the way that we fall asleep.  Most people have their own position that they fall asleep in and they will stay like that until they wake up.  Whether it is the most comfortable position or not, there is a habit that most people form where they sleep in a certain position every night.

If you are a side sleeper, then you are part of the majority.  63% of Americans are also side sleepers.  Is this the best sleeping position?  There really is “best” position, universally.  The best sleeping position is the one that gets you, personally, to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Side Sleepers Pros and Cons

There are actually certain benefits and downfalls of each sleeping position.  Some people will sleep on their backs, some on their stomachs and then you have the side sleepers.

Benefits of Sleeping on your Side

Sleeping on your side, in the fetal position with a pillow between your legs is said to help take some stress off of your back.  There is also a lower percentage of people with sleep apnea who are side sleepers since your airway is more open when you sleep in this position.

Side sleeping is also known to prevent heartburn and is even the recommended sleeping position for pregnant women.

Cons of Side Sleeping

There really are no cons.  So long as you keep your head raised in such a way that your neck and spine are in alignment, you have nothing to worry about as a side sleeper.

Mattress-for-Lower-Back-PainSide Sleeper Mattresses

If you are a side sleeper, you should definitely replace your old bed if it is sagging in the middle.  Beds with sagging centers or curves down them make it more difficult for side sleepers to get to sleep and stay out all night.  This is because it messes with the curvature of your spine which is both uncomfortable and unhealthy.

Latex foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses are usually the best mattresses for side sleepers.  Coil mattresses don’t allow your body to straighten out in your sleep, which can leave your spine out of alignment.  Memory foam and latex mattresses naturally cradle your body and pressure points to keep your spine straight and aligned while you slumber.


The Pros and Cons of Sleeping on Your Side, Back, and Stomach

Side sleeper? Back sleeper? Stomach sleeper? How you sleep may hold clues to how well you sleep.

Twin Bed Mattresses

There are eight different standard sized mattresses that you can buy online or in a mattress store.  There are 2 variations of a twin size, 2 full sizes, a queen, a California king and 2 other variations of the King size.

The twin bed mattresses are the smallest of all standard mattress sizes.  The smaller sizes are really meant for small children and babies.  The smaller sizes are crib mattresses and the European small single and European extra small single.

Twin Bed Mattress Size

American mattress sizes - Source WikipediaTwin sizes are generally only used in the United States and Canada.  There are different names for mattresses of a similar size outside of North America known as “single”, which come in several sizes.

A twin sized mattress is the smallest sizes made for standard bed frames.  They are just as long as full size mattresses, but not quite as wide.  The Twin XL is longer than the full, but just as wide as a twin.  This is generally for people who outgrow a twin but don’t share or need a lot of extra space in their bed.

Twin and Single Mattress sizing:

  • Twin - 39 in × 75 in (99 cm × 191 cm)
  • Twin XL - 54 in × 75 in (137 cm × 191 cm)
  • Super Single - 48 in × 84 in (122 cm × 213 cm)
  • Small Single - 30″ by 72″ (about 75 cm × 180 cm)
  • Standard single – 36″ × 75″, also sold as 90 cm × 190 cm

Twin Size Mattress Name Origin

Twin size is an interesting phrase to name a mattress.  Full makes sense.  King and queen have their obvious meanings in terms of levels.

Twin sizes are actually named because they used to primarily be sold in pairs.  Married couples used to be a bit more traditional, sleeping in separate beds instead of sharing a large one.  The beds were sold as a pair, or a twin set.

Twin Beds Mattresses

This is the most commonly bought bed size for a child’s first bed. It fits great in a smaller room that a child would occupy  it is cost efficient and it will take years before they need to upgrade to a larger size bed.

mattress_doubledOther uses for twin size beds would be guest bedrooms and doubling up.  Since these are such cheap mattresses, it is easier to put them into a guest room and not think twice about it.  Another use would be to put the mattresses together side by side.

If you were to take 2 twin XL mattresses and lay them side by side, you would have a king size mattress.  Some couples will decide this is a great option when the husband and wife each prefer a different hardness or firmness of the mattress. They can each have their own softness or firmness on their own size while technically sharing a bed together.


Organic Mattresses

What I find confusing, is the fact that we are trying to go back to making products and food with nothing but natural ingredients.  It confuses me that there are so many artificial products out there that we have to spend so much time seeking out green/eco-friendly products.

Mattresses have been one of the many products that are made of artificial materials that have been horrible for the environment for years.  Finally, as of the last few years, mattress manufacturers have invested in creating green mattresses that won’t cause so much harm to our precious world.

Why Get a Green Mattress?

Your Health

We are in a world where people are getting sick constantly from all of the unnatural chemicals and materials used in manufacturing everything.  Some common disorders that traditional mattresses have on people is eczema and allergies.  These two problems could become serious for some people and they unfortunately have no idea that their mattress is the leading cause of their problems.

mattress_shopThe Environmental Factor

Mattresses aren’t exactly the smallest thing you own.  Roughly 8,000 mattresses make it to a landfill every day.  Most mattresses are made of foam, steel and fibers.  These materials either don’t break down at all or take a terribly long time to decompose.  About 175 million pounds of these materials make their way into landfills every year causing unwarranted problems to our environment.

Green Mattresses

The best eco-friendly mattresses are natural latex mattresses.  They come in all of the same sizes as any other mattress (California King, King, Queen, Twin and Full).  You can even get organic crib mattresses from some companies which could be great for starting a child off with the best sleeping arrangements.

Not all organic latex mattresses are the same.  Read our latex mattress buying guide to find out more about how these beds are made.

When shopping for a green latex mattress, be sure to make sure that not just the mattress’ latex core is made of green/organic material.  Also check to make sure that the other materials are made of natural materials.  This includes the upholstery (bamboo is great) and the foundation that the mattress rests upon.


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Count Sheep, Not Harmful Synthetics: How to Find an Eco-Friendly Mattress

Best Mattresses for Lower Back Pain

Oftentimes, people will overlook their mattresses at being the culprit for their lower back pain.  Your bed is where you spend about a third of your life.  It only makes sense that if you have the wrong mattress, something will go wrong with your body during that exorbitant amount of time.

You can go to a back specialist or a chiropractor to treat back problems and maybe get to the cause of it, but a lot of the time you can just look at your mattress.  We have all seen the commercials for these beds that prevent and cure back pain, but are they the fix for you?

Is Your Bed Causing Back Pain?

Mattress-for-Lower-Back-PainIf you have an older coil (inner-spring) mattress, check it in the middle to see if it is dipping into itself.  This is an easy tell to see if your bed is the reason you are aching all day.  Your spine should be able to rest in a straight line while you are sleeping.  With a sagging mattress, your spine is bent in an unnatural position all night.  This ultimately leads to back pains and further problems into your life time.

If you don’t have a sagging mattress, feel how soft your bed is.  If it is “plush”, then you might have a problem with your bed having to much give.  This is another scenario where you will find yourself sleeping with your spine out of position all night long.

If neither of these are the case, you should probably speak to your doctor to find out if there is a deeper issue involved.

What is the Best Mattress for Low Back Pain

There is no single best mattress out there for your back pain.  There are a few options that you should consider, namely memory foam and latex mattresses.  Both of these beds have been shown to be a great benefit to people suffering from back pain, fibromyalgia and insomnia.

Both of these kinds of beds are great for people with back pain.  Figuring out which one you should get will be a matter of preference.

Memory Foam Mattresses

The technology for memory foam mattresses originated with a NASA test for new materials for astronauts in space.  The original plans for the material were scrapped, but they ended up creating a great new product, one that they didn’t know what to do with.

Tempurpedic was the first company to adopt the use of memory foam for consumer use.  They created a mattress out of if that was firm, yet had the ability to contour to the shape of a person’s body.  The technology to create these beds has changed over the year bringing higher quality mattresses for lower prices.

Check out our Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

Latex Mattresses

The use of latex in our bedding is a newer trend.  Using two different types of technology to set the molds, mattress manufacturers have been able to make affordable latex mattresses that customers love.

Latex mattresses have most of the same benefits as memory foam mattresses, plus they are usually lighter and have a bouncier feel to them.  Some people will prefer the extra lift while others will be more inclined to sleep on a memory foam bed.

Check out our Latex Foam Mattress Buying Guide

Which Should You Buy?

Both latex and memory foam mattresses can help you out with your back pains.  You should first consult your doctor to see if there are any serious problems with your back before making the change.

Choosing between memory foam and latex will be up to you and your preferences.  You can feel how both of them are in a showroom, and then we recommend you shop for a mattress online.  Look for a mattress with a 60-90 day sleep trial so that you can really test out the mattress and see if you like it and if it helps your lower back pain.  If you don’t like it, then you can return the mattress for a full refund with your sleeping trial.