Compare Memory Foam Mattresses

Not all memory foam mattresses are created equal.  There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing your mattress including density, topper, material and upholstery.

You’ll also have to compare memory foam mattress companies.  Some companies are more respected than others, some are way overpriced and some offer exceptional products and customer service.

Different Brands

There is a growing number of brands of memory foam mattresses.  With these products becoming more popular and more affordable, you are getting more options.

The major brands all have great products, but usually are not worth the price.  You’ll see when visiting most websites that the mattresses on their sites are compared to the major brands models, like Tempurpedics models.  The mattresses are usually made of similar materials and have the same density as those they are being compared to.

When choosing a brand you should do research from the BBB and compare their prices with the leading brands.  You’ll usually get a huge discount for an equal quality product.


You should head into a mattress store to actually feel what different density means.  You can explain it on and on through words, but it is something you will have to feel yourself to know what you prefer individually.

Once you have decided on the density that works for you, then you can start comparing mattresses of the same density.  There are usually two layers of density with the higher number being the core of the mattress and the other being the topper.

The topper will be much less dense to give you immediate cushioning and provide softness to the bed, while the core will be much more dense and be what supports you when you are laying in bed all night.  Higher density mattresses are generally better for heavier individuals and those with joint pains.

Green Mattresses

This is a matter of preference.  You can choose green memory foam mattress now that are made of eco-friendly materials like soy.  These mattresses will be better for your own health and won’t take up a mattress sized space in a landfill forever when you are done with it.

Comparing Prices of Mattresses

Once you have found a list of the best mattress companies and decided on your density, you can now start to compare the price of memory foam mattresses.  This is the easy part.  Pull up all of the websites for the companies that you decided you liked.

Get to the pages with the mattresses you like and then compare the prices.  Some of these companies are negotiable, so call up and see if they can give you a discount.