Latex Mattress Topper

In an earlier post I got into the specific details about what a latex mattress consists of and how they are made.  I also mentioned that a latex foam mattress is pretty expensive compared to the regular innerspring mattresses that most people are used to and can afford.

If you have a mattress already that is in good shape, but you want to add some comfort to it for an affordable price, toppers are one of the best options that you have.  These are basically what the upper layer of any latex mattress is already made of.

Latex mattress toppers are available at a lot of stores like Walmart, Sams Club, BJs and Target but the ones that you might get at one of these stores will most likely be of lower quality and the latex will not hold up to your body weight like you should expect.

I searched around for the best latex mattress toppers and found some of the highest quality and best reviewed toppers are available on Amazon.  The prices of these toppers are better on Amazon than any other site that I can come across.  I would recommend trying to get a Ultimate Sleep, Inc brand topper. They have naturally made toppers that will last a long time and provide plenty of comfort for you.

The topper will run you a little over $300 if you are looking for a queen size, which is a phenomenal deal.  I have seen these go on sale for closer to $250 before on Amazon during special promotions.