Luxury Mattresses

You will spend at least one third of your life in bed.  On average, we spend about 217,000 hours sleeping and 9,100 hours sitting in a car.  Why is it that we will spend over $50,000 on a luxury vehicle and try to spend less than $1,000 on a mattress when we are in bed 24 times longer than we are in a car for?

Luxury mattresses are created for several reasons.  They are for show on occasion, health reasons and better sleep, but most often for the supreme comfort.

What Makes a Mattress a Luxury Mattress?

There are different levels of what makes a luxury mattress.  Lower end luxury mattresses are simply memory foam or latex mattresses.  These are premium beds compared to the vast majority of old fashioned inner spring/coil mattresses.

As you move up the luxury ladder, you will find some unique properties of these beds.  Some of them are green mattresses made completely organic.  Some incorporate massagers into the mattress itself.  Sometimes it is the actual upholstery that makes a mattress luxurious as certain materials like bamboo fibers do.

Luxury Mattress Companies

Again, depending on the level of luxury you are looking at, there are different levels that companies go into. Tempurpedic is probably the most popular luxury mattress company that sells memory foam mattresses only.  Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Kluft and Select Foam carry luxury mattresses as well, usually for a better deal than Tempurpedic.  But, the pinacle of all luxury mattresses would have to be a company called Hastens.

Luxury Mattress Pricing

You can get a regular mattress for under $200 if you go to a Walmart or Ikea.  If you want a luxury mattress, expect to pay at least $2,000 for the entry level variety.  These will be memory foam or latex mattresses with a good firmness and soft material for the upholstery.  The prices will go up from there when you get into serious luxury mattresses.

Most Expensive Mattress

Hastens makes the most expensive mattress.  It is nearly impossible to explain the comfort of this bed. To really understand its price tag, you have to lay down in it yourself.  Hastens is a Swedish company, and something Swedes are known for is their craftsmanship when it comes to handmade products.  Hastens mattresses are all handmade and personalized.  Their most expensive mattress is the Hästens Vividus, which costs a whopping $60,000.


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