Memory Foam Toppers

A memory foam topper is a great idea for people interested in getting some of the benefits of a memory foam mattress without having to take on the high price tag of the bed.  These are only a fraction of the price and usually pretty easy to find.

Memory foam can get pretty expensive, so a lot of people opt for these mattress alternatives for that reason alone.  Others get them just because of their conveniences and other uses.

What is a Topper?

You might remember those “egg carton” tops that people used to, or still do, put on top of their mattress.  These egg crate toppers would make a stiff bed feel a little softer.  Rather than going out and buying a brand new, expensive mattress, you could spend a few bucks and throw one of these under your sheets to almost feel like you have a new bed.

Now, there are other options to the egg grate foam toppers.  The most common alternative to an egg crate topper would be memory foam.  Memory foam is a little more expensive, but provides more benefits and is more versatile.

The topper simply goes on top of the mattress then stays in place under your fitted sheets.

What is Memory Foam

This topic is covered at length in the memory foam buying guide.  Simply put, memory foam is a viscoelastic foam that responds both to your body heat and gravity, molding to your body when you sit or lay on it.  Memory foam has been known to help people who have bad backs, fibromyalgia, allergies to dust mites and insomnia.

Other Uses for a Memory Foam Topper


Say you don’t feel like sleeping on the ground or bringing a blow up mattress with you to camp.  You can roll up a memory foam topper, stuff it in a box and have a soft cushion to sleep on, while outdoors.  The material is dense enough to give you support.


You might not trust a hotel mattress.  I sure don’t.  Too many times I have been stuck with a stiff bed that left me hurting in the morning and not feeling rested enough.  You can stuff a topper in your suitcase and bring it along with you to throw on top of your hotel bed.