4 Top Rated Mattresses

There are a few well known names in mattresses that you may have heard of.  Most of the popular brands are quality mattresses, but with the popular name often comes a hefty price tag.  Most of the top rated mattresses can be found at your local mattress store or furniture shop.

With that being said, just because you may not have heard of a particular brand does not mean it is an inferior product.  Lots of new brands have been popping up lately with the ease of selling mattresses online, and a lot of them often use the same manufacturer to make similar quality beds.

At the end of this article I have a great tip on saving money to get cheaper mattresses that are comparable with brands like Sealy, Tempurpedic and Simmons.

Top Mattress Brands

1. Tempurpedic

You might remember seeing commercials for Tempurpedic beds.  This is the first company to successfully sell memory foam mattresses, usually through mail order.  They were advertising how you can sleep with another person without disturbing them, shown by jumping on the bed and not spilling a glass of wine on the other side.  The memory foam has been known to help with many ailments like insomnia, bad backs and chronic fatigue.  Now, there are plenty of competitors offering mattresses of a similar durability and quality for a fraction of the price. – Tempurpedic Mattresses

2. Sealy

You can find Sealy mattresses at most local mattress stores.  They also have all of their products available online so you can buy directly from them if you find the bed you want while shopping in a store.  Sealy has a few brands under their flagship name.  Each brand has their own qualities.  The regular Sealy brand has the most affordable mattresses that many people will find comfortable and reliable.  Sealy Posturepedic are designed to give you better back support.  Mattresses under the Optimum brand name are the Sealy brand of memory foam mattresses, like Tempurpedic. - Sealy Mattresses

3. Stearns and Foster

Stearns and Foster is actually part of the Sealy company, but worth mentioning on their own.  This is a high luxury mattress type that costs a decent amount, but has a lot to offer.  The beds incorporate latex foam or memory foam depending on which you find more comfortable.  The covers are infused with luxury silk to make for a great rest.  Luxury latex mattresses start at $1, 999 and memory foam gel mattresses prices start at $2,999. - Stearns and Foster

4. Simmons

Simmons is most comparable to Sealy.  Simmons beds and mattresses are most known for the line of mattresses known their Simmons Beautyrest line of mattresses.  The mattresses use what Simmons calls their “Recharge Technology” to help you get the best sleep possible.  Upgrades are available to add memory foam or latex if you don’t want to have an innerspring/coil mattress. – Beautyrest

Choosing a Cheaper Mattress Alternative

One thing you can do is find which of these mattresses above you like the most.  Go to a mattress store like Sleepys and lay down on every mattress in the store until you find the one you want.  When you pick one, ask for a spec sheet on it.  This will tell you how thick the mattress is, how dense the memory foam is, the coil count, etc.  Now, take that and go online to find some other mattress brands that are less expensive, but have the same specifications.  If the price is a lot cheaper, they have the same specs and they offer a sleep trial you should order that mattress.  Give it a week or two and then decide if you want to keep it or send it in for your sleep trial refund.